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Johan Sydseter | Zend certifed PHP programmer og webdeveloper, presentation and CV

Johan Sydseter

Zend certified engineer, programmer and developer
Tel: 004745453630
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Peder Holters vei 14 A
1168 Oslo

To whom it may concern.

I finished my Digital Media studies at Østfold University College in 2008 and have, since then, worked as a developer for firms in Norway and Germay doing programming, graphic design, web-development, photography and multimedia design, freelance and as an employee.

I speak and write, besides Norwegian, fluent english and German after having studied and worked in Australia and Germany. I also speak a little bit spanish which i continually try to improve. My experience range from open source web-development to design for print, webdesign, photography, video production and streaming technology.

Portfolio and Experience

I am certified as a Zend PHP 5.3 Engineer, Scrum master and Scrum product owner and have in-depth knowledge of LAMP, HTML, Javascript, XML, CSS, Java, Perl. I also have some knowledge of ActionScript, Ruby, node and Puppet. In addition, I gathered some experience during my Studies in photography, flash, interactive game development and 3D modelling and animation. My web-development, photography and graphic design portfolio can be found in the link menu above.

After my studies I freelanced for a year for different companies gathering different kinds of experiences within web-development and design work before I moved to Berlin and started working as an Intern at Metadesign AG for six months. As a intern at Metadesign, I gained various experiences with backend and frontend development helping rebranding previous design solutions for the german goverment, Ergo AG and Metadesign AG. I then, until recently, was employed as a junior Webdeveloper at Unister GmbH in Berlin where we were building Ad-Sense and Ad-Words solutions in Java and PHP. As a Junior i participated in their Educational program that gave me in-depth knowledge of PHP, Browser plugins, SEO, Software testing, Bugzilla, XDebug and PHP-profiling.

I worked for ABC Startsiden 2012-2013 for their online newspaper "ABCNyheter". There, I have worked closely with journalists in daily contact with developers in Thailand to secure progress and technical as well as project processes, maintaining and developing CMS applications in close cooperation with the product manager, advising in technical and methological questions as needed and taking part in the ongoing improvement efforts for the whole company hosting lightning talks and taking part in hackatons to improve testing and continuous integration. I have also been working closely with operation on projects releated to indexing news and upgrading old servers, during which, I have learned to use and implement config management systems, viritual servers and various caching solutions like Varnish and Memcached.

I am now working on the DrVideo project for Aptoma AS where I am developing live-video and VOD content distribution and encoding solution to the media industry in Scandinavia. Working directly with customers like VG and Aftonbladet to help them deliver on their VOD and live-streaming strategies.

I now work for Aptoma AS on their DrFront project where I am helping to develop publishing solutions for some of the bigger newspaper companies in Scandinavia. I have also developed video publishing solutions for them with LIVE and VOD content distribution and encoding capabilities. Mainly on behlaf of VG in Norway and Aftonbladet in Sweden. I have also several years experience doing 1. og 2. line support and have worked as consultent for eb.dk, vg.no, aftonbladet.se, dn.no and dr.dk

Characteristics and Qualities

My prime responsibility as a developer is to deliver new features and increase the value of the company I am working for. I always ask myself what I can do to improve my team's ability to deliver new functionality to the end user.
I don't believe in pointing fingers, but in encouraging each other to improve and learn which is why I strive for beeing honest and open about my own ignorance. After all, "it is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows."

I always commit myself to continuously improve and learn. I am pragmatic in my work and always try to fit the scope of the solution into the context of the problem. I never sacrifice technical quality by doing quick repair, but seek to continuously improve the quality of the code. Still, I do acknowledge that not all systems require the same technical rigor. When designing a new system, I try to avoide "analysis paralysis,, by choosing a continuous evolving infrastructure and architecture over "big design up front,,.

References can be found here.

What I am looking for in a team and try to live up to myself.

The cross-functional team I have in mind, do regular sprint planning and evaluation. And they use complexity points and focus factor to be able to choose how much work they can take on for the next sprint.

It is my view that the biggest challenges a team faces is on the people side and not on the tecnical side. Therefor. I believe that a team should view support, customer service, project managment, testing and operations as an integral part of their duties. As a minimum they should work side-by-side with these department in constant communication to create the best possible customer experience. From a technical perspective the user's/customer's experince should come first, not second or third.

Each person in the team should take equal responsibility for the infrastructure-, backend- and frontend development and strive for beeing equal good at conducting tasks within all of these categories so that they may replace each other if a person should wander off into another team, be promoted, fall sick or go on vacation and in so doing, secure that no task will be left undone.

The team I have in mind take responsibility for the technical quality and do not cut corners, they encourage each other to learn and are humble and willing to improve. They do not compete for recognition and display arrogance, but cooperate with each other so that the team continue to evolve and improve.

Hope to hear from you in the near future.

Kind regards

Johan Sydseter